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Is Frontier Internet Good for Gaming?

/ June 15, 2022
Is Frontier Internet Good for Gaming

It’s no secret that these days, a strong Internet connection is indispensable. Internet service providers recognize customers’ need for Internet services that meet their expectations. Having fast speeds is not enough. Today, apart from expecting their Internet provider to guarantee the fastest download and upload speeds, customers also look for Internet services that offer adequate data caps and the ability to connect multiple devices with ease.

For fans of online gaming, in particular, a strong Internet connection is paramount. Anyone that enjoys playing games online understands that a good gaming experience depends on more than reliable Internet. While it’s possible to have a good gaming experience with different types of Internet service, not all guarantee a reliable Internet connection.

If you’re considering a Frontier Internet connection, understanding the various Frontier Internet plans will play a major role in your quest for the right Internet connection. How can Frontier Internet help you have a smooth gaming experience? Here’s everything you need to know.

Gaming Online: The Basics

Whether you’re a pro at gaming online or recently got interested in online gaming, there are basic concepts you should understand so that you have a good gaming experience. And it all starts with deciding what is the best Internet for gaming.

What Kind of Internet Is Good for Gaming?

There is no shortage of Internet service providers available. Every Internet provider offers you numerous types of Internet plans, wireless speeds, and types of connections. The choices are overwhelming.

Every type of Internet connection available is suitable for gaming. Some are better than others. Since you’re considering Frontier Internet as your primary source of Wi-Fi, it’s important to go over how Frontier Internet compares to some of the best Internet providers when it comes to the types of Internet connection they offer.

Why Is Frontier Internet Good for Gaming?

No Data Caps

None of the plans Frontier Internet offers have data caps. That means you’ll never run out of broadband allowance while you’re playing games online and possibly risk experiencing latency issues.

Frontier Fiberoptic Internet

The most obvious positive about Frontier Internet plans is that if you live in an area where there is fiber optic service available, Frontier Internet will excel in its service. A Frontier fiber Internet connection can help you reach download speeds of up to 940 Mbps. Upload speeds are equally high reaching a maximum of 880 Mbps.

Availability in Rural Areas

While fiber service may not be available everywhere, Frontier offers fiber Internet plans in 15 of the 25 states it covers. Even if you don’t live in a state that offers fiber Internet, Frontier Internet still offers you Frontier Preferred Internet (DSL Internet) plans to choose from.

Best Frontier Internet Plans for Gaming

There are two types of plans in particular that you should look at if you’re considering Frontier as your main Internet provider for gaming.

Frontier Fiber Plans

Fiber plans are ideal for households with more than one gaming device or gaming console used by multiple users. Fiber plans give you a download speed of 940 Mbps which is more than optimal for gaming purposes. Fiber plans are available in different tiers so that you can choose from various maximum speeds and prices.

Frontier High-Speed Internet Plans

If you’re looking for something that’s more cost-effective, Frontier also offers high-speed Internet plans that reach maximum speeds of 9, 25, or 115 Mbps. However, remember that if you’re focusing your Internet service search on finding the perfect plan for gaming, the speeds available through Frontier’s high-speed Internet plans might not be sufficient to avoid latency issues.

Internet Speed Graphic

Internet Connection Types and How They Improve Online Games

As previously mentioned above, there are different types of Internet connections available on the market. Fiber remains the best one for all categories. A download speed of 940 Mbps is hard to compete with. But, if fiber is not available in your area, what are your other options?

DSL, cable, and satellite connections are the next best thing. They all have their pros and cons when it comes to gaming. Even if they’re not as fast or reliable as fiber, you can rest assured that you’ll still be able to game with any of the Internet connections available in your area. The main difference is that you’re more likely to experience disruptions while you’re playing.

Is DSL Internet Good for Gaming?

Fiber Internet works great. But, if you happen to live in an area where fiber is not yet available, can you still game online with a DSL service connection? Absolutely!

DSL Internet is often associated with slow speeds, but that doesn’t necessarily define what DSL services are able to accomplish in terms of gaming. What’s key here is not to focus on what you perceive as “slow DSL Internet service.” If you experience a slow DSL Internet service is not because of the type of connection, but rather the provider you choose.

If you’re not planning on playing a multi-player game, DSL speeds work well. Speeds with DSL typically vary between 1.5 MB to 100 MB per second in selected areas. While the speed is a little bit slower but more cost-effective overall.

Is Cable Internet Good for Gaming? Wireless vs. Wired Connection

In general, Wi-Fi and cable Internet connections are reliable, not too expensive, and offer decent speeds for online gaming. A cable connection, depending on the cable provider you choose, tends to be less likely to experience connection disturbances. Whereas a Wi-Fi connection, despite its obvious benefits of being flexible and having the capability of supporting multiple devices at once, can sometimes quiver and experience glitches from time to time.

In terms of quality, they both work well for online gaming. The main difference between a wireless and a wired connection relies more on Wi-Fi being slightly more vulnerable to disruption. Otherwise, they both offer equally low ping rates and faster upload speeds than DSL.

Is Satellite Internet Good for Gaming?

You can most definitely game on a satellite connection, but it’s not the smoothest. The maximum speeds you can get through satellite average about 25 Mbps, nowhere near Frontier fiber’s 940 Mbps for downloads. You should also keep in mind that satellite providers typically enforce a data cap, which means you’ll have to pay attention to how much data you use per gaming session.

The biggest con to satellite is that it has a lot of latency issues. Even if you can get satellite service through the best Internet provider, you’ll experience latency rates that are much higher than the average service provider.

Moreover, higher latency in satellite means it won’t be able to support fast-paced online games. Watch out for hidden fees for equipment. Satellite Internet requires more work. It’s not uncommon for providers to charge an equipment rental fee as part of your service.

Other Tips to Choose the Best Internet for Gaming

Focus on these key features:

  • Internet Speeds
  • Data Caps
  • Ping Rate

Download Speed vs. Upload Speed

The best Internet speed is one that can promise equal download speeds and upload speeds. Not all types of connections have the capability to do this. And you’d be surprised how low upload speeds or download speeds can affect your overall experience.

A Download speed refers to the rate with which your Internet connection receives information from an online source. In simple terms, download speeds deal with how fast your Internet service provider processes online information back to you in real-time.

By contrast, an upload speed deals with how long it takes your Internet service to send information online. For example, whenever you’re uploading media online (like pictures to a social media site) or you’re trying to send an email to a friend, upload speeds dictate how fast your Internet plan posts or sends.

Why Are Download Speeds and Upload Speeds Important?

Because your upload and download speed prevent lagging during your gaming session. This is why Internet service providers place such a strong focus on this when they’re advertising Internet speeds. Faster speeds, especially a symmetrical upload and download speed, are less likely to crush your competitive advantage and lead to a frustratingly slow experience.

Importance of Data Caps

Throughout your search for the best Internet service providers, you’ve likely come across Internet plans that offer unlimited data or minimal data cap limitations. What do usage limits have to do with online gaming?

Think of a data cap as a monthly broadband allowance. Many Internet providers give you a certain amount that acts as a currency for your Internet usage. Depending on the game you’re playing, some games will consume more data than others.

In general, if you can afford an Internet plan that offers unlimited data, then you’ll be better off in the long run. Even a basic Internet plan will sometimes offer unlimited data depending on the provider.

Data Usage Per Hour For Popular Online Games


Video Game Data Usage
Fortnite 100 MB per hour
Minecraft 40 MB per hour
Overwatch 135 MB per hour
Microsoft Flight Simulator 700 MB per hour
Dota 2 120 MB per hour


Importance of the Ping Rate

While there’s a lot of focus on the part of Internet providers to talk about upload and download speed, they’re not the only thing that matters when it comes to gaming. A lot of your experience is based on other factors, like network equipment or even your physical distance to the server. In simple terms, even if you sign up with the best Internet service provider and you enroll in one of their best Internet plans, if you have a high ping rate, your online experience will be less than stellar.

The ping rate has to do with latency. When you’re gaming, latency refers to the time it takes your connection to respond to an action, like when you’re moving a joystick. The ping describes the time it takes online actions to make a roundtrip between your computer and the other players. The lower the number of your ping rate, the better your experience.

Getting the Most Out of Your Frontier Internet Connection

Even if you’ve done everything you can to ensure that you have the best Internet connection for gaming, there are still some things you can do to strengthen your Frontier Internet plan. And they don’t take much.

Using an Ethernet Cable

There’s no doubt that a wireless connection is convenient. But when you’re gaming, connecting to the Internet with an ethernet cable can stabilize your Internet service and guarantee fewer interruptions. A cabled connection is more solid in nature, therefore less likely to experience hiccups when you’re in the middle of an intense battle.

Using Quality Equipment

Your router plays a significant role in your gaming experience. When you invest in a quality router, the signal is stronger and your gaming experience doesn’t get interrupted as much. If you’re looking to invest in a better router for the sake of your gaming, search for routers that come with multi-core processors. Between the multi-core processor and the amount of RAM, you’re sure to have a great time gaming online.

Gaming with Frontier: FAQs


What Internet Speed Is Best for Gaming?

If you want to focus on the basics, having an Internet speed that’s above 20 Mbps can work for gaming. It all boils down to what kind of connection you have, the number of devices connected while you’re gaming online, and the ping you experience.

Is Frontier One of the Best Internet Service Providers?

Because Frontier offers fiber services, it’s rated as the number #1 service for gaming. Frontier Fiber Gig offers you 940 Mbps speeds, essentially guaranteeing zero issues with latency, a low ping rate, and a smooth gaming experience. While other providers, like Verizon Fios Home Internet, also offer competitive Internet speeds and services across the United States, Frontier is more cost-effective.

Does Frontier Throttle Internet Speed?

No. You may have read negative reviews about Frontier throttling Internet speeds, but the claims are untrue. Frontier Internet is committed to customer excellence and its goal is to prioritize an Internet service that’s reliable, fast, and never compromised in any way. According to Frontier, they do not block or throttle services.

One of Frontier’s most popular features is the fact that they don’t put limitations on data. When a provider throttles services, it’s usually because their customer has reached their data cap. This is why Frontier emphasizes unlimited data with most of their plans.