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Frontier Landline Service: Frequently Asked Questions

/ October 29, 2021
woman holding a landline phone

There are endless reasons to assume a cell phone is more practical than a Frontier landline service; and in some ways, it is. A cell phone allows customers to be mobile and not worry about being tethered to a physical line at home. There’s also no cord attached and, of course, complete access to the Internet, including emails, television, texting, and so much more.

Except, what happens when there’s an electrical outage and your cell phone runs out of battery? If there’s an emergency, how do you call anyone? Home phones might seem old school, but we still need them. Frontier can offer customers comfort in knowing that they have one less thing to worry about in case of an emergency.

man using a cell phone while sitting at his desk

There are many things that landlines can do besides calling someone. They’re moderately priced and can add a layer of security to privacy by protecting you against hackers. It turns out landlines are not as obsolete as you might have thought.

The most basic plans with Frontier can provide customers with plans that have unlimited monthly data, a Wi-Fi router along with multi-device security, and no annual commitment.

If you’re a business owner that’s looking to install a landline to communicate with customers and improve sales, Frontier can provide you with the option of unlimited digital voice—the latest digital technology that allows business owners to use over 20 features that’ll help you control when and how you communicate.

Sure, a cell phone is practical and easier to carry. But the benefits of a landline still stand the test of time. Here’s all you need to know about them.

Why Having a Frontier Landline Is Still a Good Idea?

senior citizen speaking on a landline and looking out of his window
There are a few reasons attaining or keeping a landline is a good idea. Cell phones are a marvelous invention and they have made everything more accessible and practical. But, there are a few drawbacks to solely relying on mobile devices.

Though this is not the norm, it’s not uncommon to hear about a cell phone losing reception during an emergency, experiencing dropped calls, or even hacking through wireless service. Customers that continue to incorporate the use of a Frontier landline reap the benefits of reliability that is not available through mobile phone services.

Call Quality – this is an aspect of landlines that remains one of its best features. The quality is crystal clear and compared to cellular, the quality of a landline call surpasses that of a mobile device. This is important for people that are hearing impaired because landlines are more adaptable and can better enhance the quality of a call. With a cell phone, there is always a chance of a spotty signal or of a lack of compatibility with a hearing aid.

Emergency Response – experiencing any kind of emergency is one of the scariest things anyone can go through. Everything can change in a matter of seconds and it’s in these instances that customers benefit from a landline.

Sure, if you dial 911 from your cell phone, they’ll still be able to tell where you are, but with cellular services, sometimes it takes longer than expected to transmit signals. Frontier landlines allow emergency responders to reach you quickly by the address affiliated with your service and that can potentially save your life.

It’s also worth noting that Frontier landline services make it easier for customers to set up alarm systems that can be of great help during an emergency. Landlines are much more compatible with the set up of alarm systems than cell phones, which is an attractive feature for people that want to enhance their security systems.

Power Outage – while many cell phone providers can still stay connected during power outages caused by natural disasters, it’s not always the case. Landlines continue to be the more reliable option for communicating during emergencies caused by storms, hurricanes, or anything of the sort.

There’s also the fact that a cell phone’s battery will die at some point. Even when you have battery backups if those run out of charge, how will you communicate when you’ve exhausted all options?

What’s Included with Frontier Landlines Home Phone Plans?

Not everyone is looking for the same things in service plans. For some customers, having a well-rounded service plan that can provide them with Internet, security features, and unlimited data is most important.

For others, simply adding a phone line at home can improve communication and give them peace of mind, knowing that Frontier can install a reliable service at a reasonable price.

a frontier landline in its baseFrontier landlines have two different home phone plans: Digital Phone Essentials and Digital Phone Unlimited.

Digital Phone Essentials is the most basic plan that Frontier offers customers. Don’t be fooled, though, it’s not as basic as the title suggests. With this plan, customers can expect to enjoy the many perks that come with unlimited local calls, plus 30-minutes of domestic long-distance per month. Think of this plan as a good cup of coffee—no creamer, no sugar—just plain black, good old coffee.

A simple plan doesn’t have to be a bad one. And while this basic plan doesn’t have all the fancy features, it gives customers a reliable service and crystal-clear calls that will never suffer from a poor connection or a dropped call.

Digital Phone Unlimited is an enhanced version of the Essentials package. Unlike the Digital Phone Essentials plan, with the Digital Phone Unlimited, customers can enjoy unlimited local and domestic calls whenever they want. There are no limits or restrictions on how often (or how long) the calls have to be.

It also comes with features such as voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting. This plan is especially attractive to business owners that want a reliable service without having to spend hundreds of dollars a year.

No matter what plan you choose, Frontier provides customers with support 24/7 and a service that’s compatible with alarm system setups. Let’s not forget about the reliable copper power that stays on even when the weather is out of control or the power is out.

Do I Need Frontier Internet to Get a Frontier Landline Service?

man and woman speaking on a cell phone while using their laptopThe short is no. However, it’s difficult to give an exact answer to this because it really depends on what kind of service is available in your area. Don’t let this deter you from considering Frontier as your service provider. Frontier is available in 25 states across the country.

While each state may have varying Internet speeds, customers can rest assured that all plans come with a price guarantee on the monthly service fee, no data limits, and no annual contracts.
These types of perks give customers freedom that they’re not able to get with other providers, as Frontier’s goal is to keep customers satisfied to the best of their ability and with the best service they can offer in the area.

Can I Have a Frontier Landline Without Internet Service?

Absolutely. Remember, Frontier landlines started as a company that provided communication access to customers through telephone line acquisitions. Of course, they’ve come a long way since their humble beginnings and now act as service providers for broadband Internet and TV service in multiple states across the country. However, despite all the upgrades to the service, Frontier remains a reliable source for landline services.

woman dressed in pink using her laptop while speaking on her frontier landlineFrontier’s home service packages are complete with current features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and voicemail. What customers love most about Frontier is how reliable the service is despite the popularity of other bigger providers.

With the Unlimited Digital Voice Package, customers can expect:

Nomorobo – a complimentary service that prevents robocalls from solicitors or unauthorized businesses from getting through at all. Life is busy enough and Frontier understands the importance of quality in calls.

Flexible Call Management – this will allow you to control and access call features and voicemail from either the web or from your cell phone. This makes it easy to keep track of anything important and never miss a call.

Locate Me – perhaps the coolest feature of phone service with Frontier is Locate Me, which allows customers to choose the order in which incoming calls from up to three numbers come in.

Can I Forward or Transfer Calls From Frontier Landline to Cell Phone?

Yes, this is a service that Frontier landlines offer their customers. This is one of those features that few people actually know about, given the increase in the use of cell phones instead of landlines. No need to fret, though, Frontier offers customers the ability to forward calls through Call Forwarding.

Call Forwarding Basics

One of the first things you should know about Call Forwarding is that although it is a service that Frontier offers, it’s an added feature you will have to add through the Feature Pack.

woman sitting on her stairs while speaking on her frontier landline
Once you officially have the Feature Pack, Frontier will give you access to 14 incredible features that improve the quality of service through landlines. While not all features focus on call forwarding, these are the options available:

  • Call forwarding all calls.
  • Selective call forwarding.
  • Call forwarding – unanswered.
  • Call forwarding – busy.

Of course, you don’t have to use all these particular features. The great thing about the Feature Pack is that you can customize the features as you see fit and use the ones that will truly make your life easier.

How to Set Up Call Forwarding

Setting something up on your own can always feel a little scary, but setting up Call Forwarding is user-friendly for all levels of knowledge.

woman speaking on a frontier landline while using her laptop

  1. The first thing you need to do is dial *72 on your landline handset.
  2. Next, you’ll wait for the dial tone and enter the phone number you want the calls to be forwarded to. Don’t forget to include the area code!
  3. Once you enter the phone number to forward the calls to, the Call Forwarding will process the activation once someone answers the number you dialed. If there is a busy signal or no answer, don’t worry. All you have to do is hang up and repeat the first two steps.
  4. Once everything is set up, you will hear a confirmation that will signal the start of Call Forwarding from that moment on.
  5. If you ever need to (or want to) deactivate Call Forwarding, all you have to do is dial *73 and follow the prompts.

If the process gets complicated or you’re confused about how to set up something properly, Frontier is there for you 24/7. Don’t hesitate to call. Someone is always available to help.

Frontier landlines can offer their customers more than a reliable service; they can offer stable communication, no matter the circumstance. Cell phones are not going anywhere, but neither are landlines. Landlines are up to date with many of the qualities that customers like about cell phones and they cater to everyone’s needs.